Shine a Light on Your Business Interiors

Acoustic Lighting Solutions

Sustainable office design can include harvesting natural light as well as adding workspace lighting solutions that deliver both energy savings and are made of recyclable material.

Inspiration comes in many flavors and Macaron lighting leads the pack with its succulent design and colorful selection. Whatever mood you are in, lighting can play an important role, and illuminate multimodal workspaces contributing to ideation, collaboration, focus and rejuvenation.

Lighting can be unidirectional to highlight a feature space, or as with Rail lighting, it can be bidirectional or indirect and be hung creatively to highlight ceilings and what lies beneath.

Any way you want it, EzoBord acoustic lighting solutions deliver acoustical integrity and shine a light on your business interiors.

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We offer custom acoustic solutions made with sustainable materials in local production facilities. Choose EzoBord as your new creative partner.