2023 Newsletter

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Major highlights in 2023:

In January EzoBord, in cooperation with Cara Green LLC, was added to Material Bank and to date has generated 600 new A/D project leads across North America.

February marked the launch of our major in house EzoPrint program starting with EzoBord UK Limited.

In March, Ayrsonics South East LLC in Dahlonega, Georgia opened its doors for business and we were very pleased to have the Lacy family join the AUSA team. ASE will end 2023 with a huge bang having landed two Universal Studios projects in December that include some of the most sophisticated design work EzoBord has done to date. Great work done by Mary Gwen Evans in securing these major projects.

Product launches in 2023:

In February 27th we launched Privaseat(tm) in cooperation with Purgistics LLC in Maryland who own the IP. Although off to a slow start in sales, we feel that the product will make it’s way into the consumer market via e-commerce due to it’s highly practical and user friendly nature. More on that to follow in 2024.

The Amplitude ceiling system was launched in March 10th and had the highest response in terms of views of any of our product launch marketing campaigns in 2023. Great design!

As the first major EzoPrint program addition, EzoBord launched the Robin Sprong Collection in September 6th. This was a massive step forward and has already garnered a lot of attention form designers.

Other 2023 launches:

Sunset Collection (January 11th)

Madison Collection ( August 8th )

Featured project in 2023:

Pablo’s Monterey project “FINSA” Value $90,000 

After meeting the buyer in 2022 at an trade event in Mexico city, in his capacity as sales director for LATAM sales, Pablo Arcenio pulled down the first large in-house Ezoprint project produced by our Mid West location. Despite having just installed the printing equipment at AMW with some normal start-up hiccups, Keith Graunke and his team got the project delivered. Nothing like a large project right out of the gate to get things moving in the right direction, and ASE is hot on AMW’s heels in that respect with the two massive Universal print projects shipping in 2024, all custom print.


New Product Development (NPD) for 2024:

At a high level of resource priority, we have several NPD projects in the pipeline for release in 2024 with emphasis on A/D products. These include 4 new ceiling products and 2 new wall products all leveraging our print capabilities.

1 major new office product will also be launched for early Q2 2024 also with great printed surface options.

Production Equipment Investment in 2023 – In House Print

Our significant investment in dye sublimation technology and production equipment at 3 of our locations allowed us to not only print amazing quality with super vibrant color of every spectrum in less than 30 seconds but also allows us to lay up EzoFelt and other materials in less than 1 minute.

On top of all that, and very importantly, we no longer need to use any spray adhesives for layering sheets when creating variable thicknesses such as 2x9mm and 2x12mm. This is a very important aspect in terms vastly improved production time and for our HPD. There are no VOC’s and the fusing of the materials together in our process allows for 100% recyclability unlike when using commercial adhesives which we must strive to minimize or cease doing altogether in 2024.

We will also be adding in house print capabilities to at least one more location in 2024 as we build up this important end of the business.

New Solid sheet colors:

In 2023 we launched  4 new solid sheet colors (Highland Green, Urban Sage, Vintage Claret, Soft Lavender) and will be launching ___ more colors by the end of 2024. The goal is to launch __new colors per quarter.

Recycling Equipment sourcing:

In 2023 we investigated several equipment options that would be appropriate for grinding up our scrap materials at all our locations. Our plan is to have manufacturer sourcing completed by end of Q1 2024 following initial prototype equipment testing. There is fine balance to achieve between machine capability, reliability and cost but the Archifibe supply chain team is committed to getting this program underway in 2024.

New printed sheet colors:

There will be 32 new printed melange sheet colors coming out in Q1 2024.

Archifibe has re engaged Montaha Hidefi, the global color influencer and VP of Color Marketing Group, to help us to select and launch the new color collection in an entirely new EzoPrint presentation format.

The importance of this program and color matching competitor sheet colors is paramount.

By way of example, on behalf of Ezobord Costa Rica, AMW print color matched a competitor’s sheet color and in doing so took away a 200 sheet project that the client also paid airfreight on. It was that important to the designer and their client to get exactly the color they wanted and we delivered in a very short time frame.

More opportunities like this example will come in 2024 and beyond raising the bar for the industry and we are there now.


Website and SEO:

Throughout 2023, our web team worked on improving the Ezobord website in terms of content, organization and performance. The site still has a ways to go for SEO now under way for 2024 and which will yield significant results.

Project registration on rep portal:

This month, the programming team has completed V1 of the project registration tool on the rep portal which will tracks new project data coming in from the field with real time notifications going out to the territory reps for all Material Banks leads as they come in.

New Immersive CEU:

Throughout 2023, in full cooperation with the Tektus team, Ezobord has been producing a new 3-dimensional immersive Design Driven Acoustics CEU that we have been calling ‘Designing Acoustics for Vertical Channels’.

The virtual experience includes many types of spaces including healthcare, educational and office to name just a few and each offers a unique experience both visually and audibly. Should they choose, it will allow CEU attendees to view the spaces through VR glasses sets while hearing the immediate results of acoustic performance both before and after treatment on ceilings and walls. A reverb ‘Dial’ will also show the before and after reverb time as part of the experience aligning with LEED reverb time targets so the attendee will see, hear, and correlate the benefits of proper acoustic design and the many ways this can be achieved using Design Driven Acoustic principals.

This new CEU is slated for submission to AIA in March 2024.

E-commerce site beta launch: https://shop.ayrsonicsusa.com/

The e-comm beta site has been launched successfully and the IT team will be turning its attention to how build sales through this channel via increased SEO. After the initial beta phase in Q1 2024, the intent is to use the e-comm structure as the backbone of the Ayrsonics regional sites that will include regional project stories, customer testimonials and other blog type regional news. The IT team will be working on this in Q1 and Q2 2024 and roll out the regional sites in the latter half of 2024.

Business Central Integration.

In early December Archifibe entered an agreement to move forward with MS Business Central in 2024 which represents the first step in integrating the entire group into one financial management system.  Given the nature of our global structure, the integration of each location into one financial system is critical from an overall group performance perspective and also to those that would look into the groups value from a third party perspective.


Buenos Aires Team

Under Eric Fink’s management and guidance (bolstered by Cynthia Farina’s uncanny ability to spot design talent!), the design and engineering team in Argentina has coalesced in 2023 into a tightly knit efficient unit supporting all of the groups technical support needs. Just recently Eric has had to take time off for serious medical reasons so please join me in wishing Eric a very speedy recovery and hoping that he can step back into his role soon.

We all love working with you Eric!


In terms of wins in 2023, Ayrsonics sister brand Tektus landed as an anchor account Global, the major office furniture OEM. This is a case study in and of itself given Global, in its history, has never done digital imagery for it’s new products always relying studio shoots at it’s campus in Toronto. Global has advised Tektus that it has 3 years worth of work coming down the pipe and we are also working on getting them to endorse Tektus to it’s dealer base via a cooperative advertising program. Ultimately the goal being that the dealer will be including Ayrsonics products in its furniture project proposal renderings sent to their clients which will happen as the dealers get familiarized with our overall group resources that they can take advantage of and add to their bottom line. Tektus is intrinsically linked to the success of our brands and our dealer distribution expansion strategy in the office furniture channel via the Ayrsonics Platinum Dealer Program.


Of course, Tektus continues to do fantastic work in supporting Ayrsonics/Ezobord/Quiet Earth Moss brands and programs and is in many ways the spear point of our overall marketing plans. Tektus will also be doubling it’s office footprint in February 2024 in preparation of it’s growth.

Great work by Salomon and the Tektus team and more to come in 2024!


Regional show opportunities for 2024:

Buying local will only increase in importance in 2024 and beyond and we have to be front of mind to local A/D influencers. This places emphasis on seeking out regional design shows and other A/D promotional opportunities where we can get our message out there. We will be committing to these events in each of our home markets starting in Q1 2024.

Vertically Integrated Group Communication Strategy:

This messaging of who we are as a group of companies and the ‘why us’ needs to hit home hard in 2024. To this end we have engaged an A/D marketing firm to do high level polling to identify our current brand positioning / awareness in the A/D community in each core market we serve. This is to determine where we need to focus our efforts and resources in building brand awareness and ultimately drive specifications. This A/D polling work is to be completed by end of Q1 2024 upon which we will be working with a communications specialist to help us produce this critical messaging collateral.

2023 closing thoughts:

As we approach the end of this challenging yet remarkable year, I find myself reflecting on the incredible journey we are all on together. It’s with immense pride and gratitude that I extend my warmest wishes to each and every one of you this holiday season.

The Ayrsonics / Ezobord family spans the globe, connecting diverse talents and fostering a spirit of collaboration that knows no bounds. Our collective dedication and hard work have not only achieved remarkable milestones but will solidify our rightful position as industry leaders moving into 2024 and beyond. Together, we’ve faced challenges, celebrated triumphs, and built a strong foundation for the future.

As we enter this years festive season, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your unwavering commitment and resilience. Your passion and dedication have been the driving force behind our groups success, and I am truly thankful to have such a remarkable team by my side.

May this holiday season bring joy, warmth, and well-deserved rest to you and your loved ones. Take this time to recharge and reflect on the accomplishments we’ve achieved together. As we look ahead to the new year, let’s embrace the opportunities and challenges that await us, confident in our ability to overcome anything as one unified team.

In the spirit of unity and gratitude, I extend my heartfelt wishes to you all for a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year. May the coming year be filled with exciting new challenges, personal growth, and with collective achievements that surpass even our most lofty goals.

Thank you again for all your hard work, dedication, and continued commitment to making Ayrsonics / Ezobord a truly exceptional global team. Here’s to a well-deserved holiday break and our bright future together.

Cheers to us all!

Doug Barlett