colors and collections

Mastering Style and Function: The Power of Color, Collections, and Materials

Color leads the way to any design utopia, delivering expression and vibrancy. With a multitude of options and woven into patterns and materiality, color can significantly impact mood, focus, productivity, and workflow. Color is directly related to brand and can punctuate your identity while creating unforgettable impressions for your customers.

EzoBord now not only offers a smorgasbord of color palette options but also an even wider range of printable acoustic material selections to choose from using our EzoPrint process.

We’re also excited to introduce new color patterns including the artistically unique Robin Sprong collection, featuring distinct South African designers. Our Madison Collection captures the essence of the New York City neighbourhood’s eclectic hues, and the Sunset Collection transports you to the serenity we aspire to have at the end of a busy day.
Leverage the power of color, collections, and materials to enhance you work or hospitality setting by combining style and function.

EzoBord & Ezofelt COLORS

Ignite your design utopia with a captivating palette to set any mood, inspire, and enhance your workspace.


Elevate any space with custom printed acoustic panels. Choose from colors, collections, and apply to EzoBord and EzoCore for stylish sound solutions!

Robin Sprong Collection

Unveil innovative aesthetics with this Collection, fusing Robin Sprong’s designs with EzoBord’s panel material for creative interior walls.

Sunset collection

Infuse enchantment into your office with the nature-inspired Sunset Collection. Elevate well-being and creativity in your workspace.

Madison collection

Embrace timeless elegance of Madison Ave. hues, and transform interiors with exquisite colors for those with discerning taste!