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Zone-in with PrivaSeatTM

PrivaSeatTM  delivers acoustic wearables for your office chair, no matter where you sit. Using EzoBord’s sustainable sound absorption material, we’ve taken privacy to the next level. Simply affix PrivaSeatTM to your task chair and transform it into your private command center.

With PrivaSeatTM, you’ll eliminate distracting noises and stay comfortably in your zone.

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Sound absorption performance

Sound absorption performance depends on mounting/installation conditions, material thickness, pattern & style.

Hoody Soundproof Desk Divider
Hoody Soundproof Desk Divider
Hoody Soundproof Desk Divider
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Hoody Soundproof Desk Divider
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Sound Absorption Coefficient Chart


Rectangular Privacy Screen


We offer custom acoustic solutions made with sustainable materials in local production facilities. Choose EzoBord as your new creative partner.




Installation Instructions


Sound Absorption Test Data (ASTM C423-17) – EzoBord ½” (12mm) – J Mount


Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Health Product Declaration (HPD)
Material Safety Data Sheet
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100% pet (min. %50 recycled content)

Variation in fiber mix and colour may occur. All products will be supplied within commercial tolerances.

Made of polyester fiber, min. 50% of which comes from recycled water bottles which contributes to LEED MR Credit and BREEAM Health and Wellbeing, Materials points due to recycled content, acoustic performance, and low emitting materials. No VOC’s: CDPH v1.2 and REACH SVHC Compliant.

Tackable, impact resistant, bacteria resistant, moisture resistant, installation-friendly.

EzoBord 1/2″ (12mm)

Desert Sand DS10
Brick Red BR34
Charcoal Gray CG06
Moss Green MG10
Royal Blue B08
Silver Grey SG04

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EzoFelt Grade 2

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Solar 2-522
Solar 2-522
Magma 2-528
Kiss 2-532
Tangerine 2-426
Enoki 2-513
Edelweiss 2-565
Silk 2-530
Dawn 2-552
Technica 2-584
Ink 2-555
Artic 2-551
Porcelain 2-400
Sage 2-567
Forest 2-448
Slate 2-494
Pure Black 2-499
Honey 2-424ML
Autumn 2-426ML
Merlot 2-438ML
Nightshade 2-583ML
Ocean 2-560ML
Spruce 2-562ML
Pistachio 2-423ML
Bog 2-568ML
Greige 2-409ML
Flint 2-408ML
Silver 2-400ML
Rhino 2-494ML
Charcoal Gray 2-496ML

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