Kayra and PrivaSeatTM support productivity and well-being for the hybrid workforce

Chicago, IL, June 14, 2023 – EzoBord, a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of design-driven architectural and office acoustic solutions officially introduced two new privacy solutions at Design Days during Neocon. Kayra is a captivating office screen system that infinitely connects to create custom acoustical meeting spaces. PrivaSeatTM is an innovative and revolutionary universal office chair accessory, designed to deliver acoustical privacy directly to where people sit.

With office workers losing close to 30% of their productive time due to interruptions and distractions according to recent studies, businesses have been challenged to entice workers back into the office and are putting worker well-being and comfort at the forefront of their recruitment strategies.

The evolving workplace continues to prioritize privacy and the personal comfort of workers. The office, likewise, needs to remain relevant to attract the best talent and support productive work. Kayra was introduced to divide space and create comfort-centric neighbourhoods which drive community and cohesion while mitigating distractions. PrivaSeatTM takes that sense of privacy even further with its cocoon-like flexible design that delivers visual focus using the acoustic materiality that defines the EzoBord name.

“The truth is that the return to the office and hybrid work are now one in the same and people expect similar home comforts and amenities when they come to work, or at least some semblance of continuity” said Doug Barlett, CEO of EzoBord. “That warm, cozy, home feeling may not be easily replicated, but more comfortable office chairs and top-notch design-driven solutions which deliver privacy may favor the workplace and give folks a reason to make the commute.”

PrivaSeatTM has been compared to a ‘warm hug’, delivering privacy and control directly to the user by mitigating location dependency and optimizing focused work. PrivaSeatTM can be easily affixed to most commercial and residential task chairs and comes pre-assembled. Kayra’s design curvature and modularity enables office designers to create an aesthetically pleasing labyrinth of connected screens to create division and privacy where it is needed most.

About EzoBord

EzoBord, an Ayrsonics North America brand, works closely with Architects, Designers and Contract Furniture Dealers providing custom tailored Design Driven Acoustical solutions, on a made to order basis. EzoBord uses high performance and fully customizable material in its solutions which include ceilings, walls, dividers, and furniture applications,

EzoBord has a network of 5 North American regional fabrication centres located in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Kitchener, Ontario, and Calgary Alberta. The EZOBORD brand also has international manufacturing locations in Margate UK, Dublin Ireland and in San Jose Costa Rica.

To get more information about how PrivaSeatTM and Kayra can support your hybrid office, visit us at www.ezobord.com.