Innovative Universal Seating Accessory Provides Unparalleled Acoustical Privacy



Mississauga, ON, Feb 27, 2023 – EzoBord, a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of design-driven architectural and office acoustic solutions puts the hybrid worker front and centre with PrivaSeatTM, an innovative and breakthrough universal office chair accessory, designed to deliver acoustical privacy directly to where people sit.

People want the flexibility to work in a variety of settings, amongst them those that foster collaboration and support individual focus work. Recent studies show that, on average, office workers lose close to 30% of their productive time due to interruptions and distractions, Businesses that have adopted the hybrid work model need to thread the needle between employee expectations and company goals by creating workspaces that are multi-modal and which support worker innovation and productivity.

PrivaSeatTM Takes Personal Workplace Privacy to the Next Level

Unlike other privacy solutions which are customized to mitigate noise and distractions within workplace ‘neighbourhoods’, PrivaSeatTM was constructed to act as an environment unto itself by creating a cocoon-like shelter which provides visual and audio privacy, empowering people to focus on their immediate tasks.

“We are super excited to launch the first acoustic wearable for office chairs” said Doug Barlett, CEO of EzoBord. “As experts in developing design-driven acoustics for business interiors, we have long engineered our sustainable materials to support privacy across multiple environments while inspiring workers with uniquely organic products. PrivaSeatTM is a game changer in that it gives privacy control directly to the user,” he said. “PrivaSeatTM mitigates location dependency so you can prepare for meetings and focus on your tasks no matter where you work.”

PrivaSeatTM Attaches Easily to Most Office Chairs

Pre-assembled and ready to go out of the box, PrivaSeatTM can be easily affixed to most commercial and residential task chairs. Its proprietary, patent-pending design sports flexible wings that obstruct the peripheral line of sight between the worker and what is going on in their surroundings. With an eyecatching and malleable design, PrivaSeatTM comes in a variety of colors and is sustainably made from EzoBord material which has proven acoustical properties.

EzoBord’s newly enhanced Furniture Program includes the PrivaSeatTM product and many more, making it easier for dealers to sell and for customers to buy with promotional free shipping where applicable.

About EzoBord

EzoBord, an Ayrsonics North America brand, works closely with Architects, Designers and Contract Furniture Dealers providing custom tailored Design Driven Acoustical solutions, on a made to order basis. EzoBord uses high performance and fully customizable material in its solutions which include ceilings, walls, dividers, and furniture applications,

EzoBord has a network of 5 North American regional fabrication centres located in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Kitchener, Ontario and Calgary Alberta. The EZOBORD brand also has International manufacturing locations in Margate UK, Dublin Ireland and in San Jose Costa Rica.

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