acoustic felt layers

Our Ezofelt acoustic felt layers grant you endless versatility, both in terms of looks and performance.

Available in a multitude of colors, each felt layer improves the acoustical performance of your acoustic panels.

  • EzoFelt Grade 2 is available in 29 colors and 0.068“ (1.75mm) standard thickness.

Custom colors and other thicknesses are also available in
EzoFelt Grade 2. Minimum order quantities and custom color development fees apply. Details upon request.

EzoFelt is compatible with EzoBord and EzoCore. It can be added to the surface for multiple color combinations with unlimited product possibilities.


Weight 200 g/m2 approx.
Width 78” (200cm)
Thickness 0.068” (1.75mm)*
Composition 100% PET recycled fiber
Fire Rating

ASTM E84 = Class A
CAN/ULC-S102: FSV=0, SDV=13
EN 13501-1+A1 = B-s1, d0

Color Fastness to Light EN ISO 105-B02 = 6-7
Abrasion Resistance ISO 12947-2/ac>50.000 RUBS
Enviroment 100% Recyclable Low VOC

*(3mm and 5mm also available, inquire for details)



Fire Test Data EzoFelt 1/16″ (1.75mm)

Surface Burning Characteristics (ASTM E84)
Surface Burning Characteristics (CAN-ULC S102)
Classification of Reaction to Fire Performance (EN 13501-1 2007)


Material Safety Data Sheet
EzoFelt Cleaning Instructions

available colors

EzoFelt Grade 2

Solar 2-522
Solar 2-522
Magma 2-528
Kiss 2-532
Tangerine 2-426
Enoki 2-513
Edelweiss 2-565
Silk 2-530
Dawn 2-552
Technica 2-584
Ink 2-555
Artic 2-551
Porcelain 2-400
Sage 2-567
Forest 2-448
Slate 2-494
Pure Black 2-499
Honey 2-424ML
Autumn 2-426ML
Merlot 2-438ML
Nightshade 2-583ML
Ocean 2-560ML
Spruce 2-562ML
Pistachio 2-423ML
Bog 2-568ML
Greige 2-409ML
Flint 2-408ML
Silver 2-400ML
Rhino 2-494ML
Charcoal Gray 2-496ML

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